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An Interesting SG Semiconductor Story – AEM Holdings(AWX.SI)

Of Late, there has been so much buzz about companies operating under semi-conductor business line. This buzz was primarily due to increased focus on 5G, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and EV. There is no absolute dispute on the growth prospects for this industry segment. But, for medium to longer term common investors, the prevailing valuation of…

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Is Commodity Super-Cycle Already here?

Needless to say, that COVID19 pandemic has changed the entire world. During the nascent stage of the pandemic, there was an excessive fear about the adverse impact of this pandemic on stocks and commodity. We witnessed the panic selling. Both Stocks and Commodity markets touched its multi-year low price level in Late-March 2020. There were…

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Singapore Budget 2021 : A Bird’s-eye view

Singapore 2021 Budget at a glance – Revenue: Revenue collection is projected to be $76.6 Billion, 18.6% higher than the previous year’s revised revenue estimates. Below are the recent 5-year revenue collection data – Year $S M 2021 76,640 Projected 2020 64,610 Actual 2019 74,730 Actual 2018 73,738.3 Actual 2017 75,815.7 Actual There is a…

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SGX Limited (SGX: S68) – Feb 2021

In Singapore market, it will be really a herculean task to find a company which has given consistently 34-40% return of equity (RoE) since past 10 years. But Singapore Exchange limited is one of such companies, which has given such consistent returns. Below is SGX ltd’s (SGX: S68) historical Return of Equity (RoE) – Year…

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